Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Baldman Blues

I hate running. As I mentioned before I quit running after discovering the bike. Athletics were never important to me when I was in high school. My career on the cross country track team we brief and uneventful except for my 4th place in the 880 (yards), then I quit when I found a job.

Backpacking used to be my thing and that's what prompted the reintroduction to running. In between backpacking trips I would do absolutely nothing and as I got older, strapping on a 30lb pack and walking 25 miles became increasingly difficult. So, running was my way of staying somewhat fit for backpacking. The challenge that I enjoyed from backpacking was replaced with that of cycling and so I said to self " self you are never running again, ever".
That was until I discovered cyclo-cross. Never say never.

Running still sucks and I suck so bad at it I get passed by toddlers and little chihuahua dogs. Yesterday was the first official day of CX training (following my excellent plan from Andy Applegate) I only had to run 15:00 minuites. Felt like a forced march by General Sherman on the way to Atlanta. My feet felt like lead weights and I couldn't quit looking at my watch "Oh' god it's only been five minutes". It's amazing at how specialized the body becomes. I can ride 5 hours at a good 18 MPH average, but 15:00 of running puts me down for the count. As my day wore on I actually bonked at work! Couldn't get anything done I was so glad when it started raining and I new the Pack Ride would be canceled. When I got home I was so hungry I ate anything available till supper was ready. Then I just sat on the couch staring into space. All over a 15:00 run. Today is CX skills / mow Grandparents yard day, tomorrow I gotta run 20:00 that's five whole more minutes and ride 1:30. Like I was told by Cara McCauley "You gotta work on your limiters" whoa is me.

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