Sunday, June 15, 2008

......and life goes on

As the saying goes "life goes on". It is inevitable, when someone dies, we grieve and mourn, but we the living continue until our date with destiny. Today is Father's Day and it's the first one in my life that I haven't went to visit my Granddad. Still tough not having him around.

It's been a long eight weeks since my last posting getting on with life and back to riding. My friend Perry lost his mother and another dear friend had surgery that didn't go so well but has recovered now. It's also been a busy time helping with the final preparations for the Settlers life Omnium which was very successful this year. I've also been helping with the Kingsport Criterium and even started on the organization of MSG cross even though it's still four months away, a lot of perpetration to be done.

Riding has been so good this year. I'm probably in the worst shape I've been in in years, but going slower and riding with my head up instead of down all time has been very enjoyable. Especially on Thursday nights. The TNR had become the highlight of the week, a thirty mile ride and then Pizza and libation at Buck's pizza, lots of laughs and camaraderie and crazy people in cars (unless you are a cyclist or work with the public you wouldn't believe how "eat up with dumbass" most people are). It's amazing to me over the past 15 years I've been riding, all of the good solid people of met through cycling, very few duds. Like my friend Mike Seek said "cyclists are inherently good people" and I've found that to be true. We have developed a close nit and strong cycling community in the last few years and I'm proud to be associated with it and the good things our club does for the local community.

Time to get serious though. Four months and we'll be racing cross, so I've got get rid of those last 10lbs and back to my svelte bald self come October and cross season. It's better than Christmas when you were a kid.

Hope you like the photo's below taken at my surprise birthday party at Buck's, boy was I surprised. Don't usually get duped like that, hook, line and stinker. Thanks to Jonell and her camera.

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Jonell said...

What a BEEEAUTIFUL family you have!! Thanks for the update!