Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mr.CX Cracks

Cyclocross season is in full swing now, and attendance at all of the races I've been to so far has been phenomenal! The first weekend of MSG was a huge success with 242 entries over the two days of racing. It was so good to see people I hadn't seen since last Fall, a few I looked for were missing, I hope the show up in November. The course was demanding and the racing was hard and fast ( people just continue to get faster). It's amazing to me how fast you can go on a CX bike!

I had a great start to the season at the first race in Parrotsville finishing 4th in the 45+ field, however from that point on it's been all down hill, one of those teeth rattling bone jarring descents. MSG #1 pretty much sucked. I had a good start and was moving up in position until halfway around the course when I rolled my back tire and had to hobble back to the pit for a wheel change. At that point I was pretty well finished for the day I kept but kept riding. I've only DNF'ed one time and I didn't want to do it again. Managed two from last place.

Saturday was a long day, and being on my feet from 6:00 AM to 6:00PM didn't help my race on Sunday. When I got up Sunday morning I could feel the tiredness in my entire body, and I hoped that I had enough to race later in the day. Organizing races is very stressful, and when you add to it officiating every race except for the one your in, it begins to be no fun and a lot of work. I had another good start and was gaining on the three leaders as I battled another guy for position, but after two laps I started to shut down. What energy I had was draining away, and each time through the second sand pit I didn't have the power to push through and got stuck at the end. After chasing down the guy I was with each time that happened I became frustrated and cracked. I walked through the sand, over the barriers and stopped to fix course tape. People would ask me what was wrong. I whined and complained about how tired I was and did just about everything but throw a tantrum, stick my lip out and stomp my feet. I was pretty embarrassed with my self afterwords. What was even more embarrassing was the sound of crickets when I went by the DJ each lap. Previously he had yelled out" Here comes Mr. CX", but like everyone else he realized that Mr. CX cracked.

This passed weekend we traveled to Fayetteville, TN for the new "Beat the Freak" series. This series has the potential to become a big series. The venue was great, Lincoln County High School, and the promoter Kevin Freeman is Mr. Enthusiasm. Never having raced in a cross race or organized one he did an awesome job. The course he laid out was wide and fast, a real big ring course, not very technical (not what MSG'ers are used to), but even without the technical aspect is suited me since it was long and flat. Of course here is where the rest of the bone jarring descent continues. Not being responsible for anything left me at a loss, and with to much time on my hands I didn't pay attention to time and rolled up to the start finish line and what do you know, they left without me, four minutes ago! This was a first for me. I've never missed the start of an event. I rode my ass of for last place, never did catch anyone.

Sunday morning I felt fresh, slept well, legs felt good, no heaviness in them. This will be my day. Everyone sure took advantage of my missed start on the day before to give me a little ribbing. I received constant reminders of the time from friends and officials all day, so I made the start well before start time. Another good start, in fifth place as we turned into the stadium, began to get past on the short steep pitch to the top, but i wasn't worried since I knew with the long flat stretch coming up I could turn the 50x13 to easily get back in position. So much for that plan, as I exited the stadium transitioning from pavement to grass in a hard left turn my seatpost clamp came loose and my saddle slid halfway down.

Each time through the Pit I switched bikes with Mike Seek till he got my seat adjusted. On one pass I got tangled up, hit the deck and rolled. Another last place. I'm starting to get used to it. Even with the crappy results, I still had fun, it is cross after all. My friend Mike Seek did great, his best effort of the weekend was winning the single speed race in a full on sprint. Going to Louisville this weekend for the USGP, can't wait.


D-Dub said...

good luck in louisville! I will not be going this year. I am looking forward to the November 1 msg race.

Dwayne said...

Thanks Dwight, See you 11/1