Tuesday, August 21, 2007

News from across the pond.

My friend Glenn Himstedt is currently participating in the 1200km (750 Miles) Paris-Brest-Paris ride in France. He's been training for this about 5 years now and all that hard work had come to fruition. In case you don't know, PBP is held every four years and is a distance endurance ride. Each rider has to qualify in rides called Brevets of lengths from 200k-600k and complete them in the required time in order to gain selection into PBP. PBP riders have 90 hours to complete the ride. If you would like to track Glenn's progress go here and enter his rider plate number which is 4808. As of 8:56 French time he was at checkpoint Villaines.

In other news MSG sponsors Andy Applegate and Cara McCauly are in Germany competing in the World Road Championships. Cara has already racked up an 18th place finish and has one a huge silver cup to show for it. She is posting to her blog here, so go and see how they are doing. Probably more interesting reading than anything I could write. To see pics like the one to right of Cara in leopard skin arm warmers go here.

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