Friday, October 19, 2007

Now I know I'm Crazy

I get so wound up when I'm promoting races that now I'm having nightmares. Sleeping well for me is about a once a week occurrence. Last night was no different. I meant to get up at 7:30 this morning so I could get all the prize bags stuffed for the COC tomorrow. Woke up around that time thinking I need to get up and do it. I ran the day before 3 miles and those running days always wipe me out so of course I fell back to sleep.

Anyway, while sleeping again I dreamt that I was at this school in the soccer field waiting for volunteers to show up, as it got later and later and I began to worry. The soccer field was filling up with soccer mom's and their off spring and I was running around telling them that they had to get off the field, so I decided to go to the trailer and start pulling stuff out and setting up the course. At some point somebody switched trailers on me because the one attached to my truck was a rusted piece of crab with junk inside it. I really started to hyperventilate at this point because at the same time I realized that I was at the wrong venue and it was only an hour till the first race. I yelled out while dream "this has to be a dream when will I wake up" of course in my dream I didn't wake up and the panic set in. I guess my mind must have became afraid and finally woke me up. I woke with a hiss of breath, my heart thumping and all sweaty. I looked around the room and at my dogs on the bed and thanked God it was only a dream. Stumbling off to the kitchen I made a strong cup of coffee and started stuffing prize bags. I've finally cracked.

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Mike Patterson said...

Down boy lets take it easy. Dont feel bad I had a dream about blue owls turning in to human beings.