Friday, November 2, 2007

Sands of Time

Sorry it's been a while since I updated the old bald blog, but my duties as race organizer for the Mud, Sweat and Gears CX Series are really keeping me busy. I have tons of help from the great volunteers in the club but there are things that I am responsible for during the week in preparation that I have to get done. I did finally find a couple of hours to service the Ole' Banshee. She is really starting to show some wear after 37 cross races. Speaking of cross races last Sunday at the USGP of Cyclocross in Louisville, Kentucky I completed my 45th CX race. That's pretty awesome to me considering I started cross racing in 2004. One would thing that after that many races a person would pretty much have it all dialed in, but that's the great thing about racing cross, it's fluid, ever changing, always something to learn.

The first race in Louisville on Saturday proved to be tough for me. The course was muddy, which I like, and there were 5 sand pits. The pits were all ridable except one long deep one that I just couldn't ride. Each lap forced a dismount, and the wet sand clogged up my cleats so that I couldn't clip in and my feet bounced of the pedals until I could finally get clipped in. Each lap I would get passed by more riders and chase back only to loose ground again when we made it to the sand pit again. by the end of the race I was pretty steamed, and was whining like a baby. I didn't have fun on the "non technical" course as Katie Compton called. Sometimes I take myself to serious and think I'm better than I really am. After a couple of hours and some hot coffee I realized that I should just be thankful that I'm able to enjoy a sport as satisfying and fun as Cyclocross.

Sunday was a beautiful day sunny, blue skies, flaming trees, and warm temps. Rolling to the start I felt so calm, more calm than I've ever felt at any other race. I guess the talking to I gave myself over getting upset paid off. I was so calm that I wasn't paying attention when the whistle blew for the start, missed my pedal and got gapped about 20 feet right off the bat. When we approached the deep sand pit I was determined to ride it and after watching the pro's do it the day before I figured it out. Instead of slowing down and braking at the top of the little hill going into the pit I put my hands on the tops, accelerated into the pit and pedaled like my backside was on fire! Made it through every time. I was happier about conquering that obstacle more than I was about placing higher overall. Looking back after a week I'm thinking about how much fun it was just being at such a big event.

The atmosphere was festive like MSG but magnified by about 40 times. I heard reports that on Sunday there were 4000 spectators for the Pro Race.
It was pretty cool that so many MSG racers were there, Me, Eric, Mike Seek, Mike Mefford, Nathan Wyatt, Dwight Wyatt, Cara McCaulley, and Andy Applegate, pretty cool. Of all of us though, it was Eric who was the most impressive. Finishing 8th on Saturday, and a very impressive 4th place on Sunday after leading most of the race.

I've got photo's and video posted on my Picasa album most of which were taken by my daughter, Samara. Have a look if you like. Gotta go, another CX race to go to tomorrow.
Welcome Back My Friends to the Show That Never Ends...

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