Monday, November 5, 2007

Spooky Cross was Scary BIG....

MSG#3 at Steele Creek Park was another record. Each race of the series has had over 100 entries and #3 of 07 was no exception. 137 entires! That is the largest group of riders ever in the three year history of the series. Riders in Spooky Cross who wore a costume were rewarded for their efforts and racing in a cumbersome costume with 25 extra points toward the overall. Dummy me forgot my kilt and missed out on the points, but I was hyperventilating over get a very complex course set up in 2.5 hours. Thanks to Bart, Bill, Kingsley, Mike, and Perry we got it done with 5 minutes to spare. Thanks guys.

The most exiting and fun part of the course was the "Maxxis Spiraling Cyclone of Death", as it was eventually dubbed. Man by the time I got to the middle of that thing I was feeling dizzzzyyyyyy! Had to make a conciuocs effort to make the let turn and start back out. I say again, that's what's so great about cross, or should I say psclyocross.

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