Friday, February 1, 2008

Winter Cyclocross Part 2

After the State race I decided to race in NC rather than go all the
way to Columbia Tn. Had everything packed and ready to head to Hobby Park in Wintson-Salem, when my friend Mike called to tell me that the race had been canceled. What? Who cancels a cross race because of the weather! Turns out it was the park, not the organizers. Great, should have went to Columbia and raced in the arctic conditions there.

January 26-27:
Chattanooga had a great venue, fast, flat course with lots of turns, and
once again a lot of mud. The ride/run up on the back of the course was very slippery but ridable thanks to the tubies. I had another good race. Hoping to move up in the points I raced hard and moved into second position ahead of Tom Gee, whom I have never finshed ahead of. I noticed that he was having trouble in the muddy turn before the barriers and run up, so I raced into the turn ahead of him and got a gap by the time we reached the top of the ride run up. With no lap count going through the finish I thought we were further into the race when I made the move. Turns out we had 4 laps to go and I had burned a lot of cake pulling away from Tom. As I started to fade he caught me on the last lap. He passed me just before the finish and I had nothing to answer with. Still, finishing third moved me up in the points series.

Knoxicross #2
was held at Victor Ashe Park in Knoxville. This park is very similar in terrain as Winged Deer In JC, but has a lot more trees. This was a power course, and Steve Rider who has been helping with course design did a great job on this course. From the gun there was no let up in the pace and no place to recover. A lot of people wore down qucikly. I was suprised when I caught and passed Tom and thought he would come back to me. Each time down the long bumpy hill on the back of the course I would pedal till I spun out, shift to the little ring, brake hard and pick my way through the muddy "U" turn at the bottom. Each time down the hill I would pull a little further ahead. Ended up second on the day.

Knoxicross is becoming a great series, John Baker and his volunteers have made it better each year. Looking forward to the last two races of the year at Melton Hill Park and the "Wall of Death". Hate to see CX season in TN end. The day after the last race will be like the day after Christmas when you were a kid.

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