Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Winter Cyclocross Part 3

I think I'm starting to loose motivation for cx at last, with only one race left, small turnout and no big events to look forward to. It's kind of aggravating since I don't do the mountain bike and I don't care much for road racing, that leaves the cycling side of me a little listless. Which leads to weight gain. Last year after the last cross race in February I gained 8lbs before I finally started riding long rides on weekends to shed it. At 46 soon to be 47 it doesn't come off quick. I've tried to do better this year and with a TT the first week of March maybe I can get motivated for that.

Knoxicross #3 was a grind. Held at Melton Hill Park which is way out in the boonies ( don't ever want to hear about Steele Creek being out of the way again ) and is surrounded by a lake with very hilly terrain. When I got there I new it wouldn't be my day. I was tired, and my legs were fatigued and sore from running the previous few days. The course was 90% grass, thick power sapping grass, and half the course had long open uphill sections which were exposed to the wind.

The start was no fun, going uphill, on grass, into the wind, I felt as if someone was pushing
against my shoulders (the picture at below showing the spare tubular, and man boobs illustrates the other problem) and as we turned right at the top of the hill a rider caught a pedal and kicked his back wheel over in front of me. I shot to the outside of the turn almost stopping. At that point a gap opened up and there was no way I was closing to the guys I usually race with. The only saving grace was the more technical side near the lake I was able to slowly pull people back each lap on that section. I have never been so glad for a race to be over as I was that one.

The last race will be at Melton Hill again with the infamous "Hill of Death". THe HOD is a long dirt path that goes uphill at about a 20% grade for around 70'. That's why I started running again. Last year all I could do was shuffle up while getting caught at the top by a women on a MTB with a cog on the back the size of a dinner plate. Oh well one to go and then what?

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