Saturday, March 1, 2008

Life is but a Vapor...

Life is but a vapor... That's what the pastor said two weeks ago at the funeral of one of my daughters best friends. The quote is from the bible, paraphrasing: "life is but a vapor that appears but for a moment and then is gone" Nicole was only twenty three when she took her own life. I didn't know her well but it has affected me deeply. She was young, and pretty, but life was just to much for her, she couldn't cope. The last time I saw her was at the Chattanooga cross race. She had my big cow bell and was running along beside me yelling and screaming, having a good time. You never know the inner turmoil someone is dealing with, from their outward appearance. I feel bad for her family and friends, and hope that in time they can come to terms.

If I've taken any thing from her death it is, life is way to short and we need to love now, do now, and be thankful for every breath we take, every day that we wake up. Each time I get on my bike I'm thankful to get to do it again, no matter how bad it hurts. I know this post isn't about CX or bike racing, but I feel like I should honor her in some way. This for you Nicole Renee Johnson where ever you may be.

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