Thursday, March 27, 2008

Two Tons of Fun

I'm out of shape. I remember when I was in shape, thinking that it wasn't that great that I should be in better shape. After essentially being of the bike for six weeks (only rode 5 times and not in a row) beginning to realize that where I was was pretty good. I really miss where I was. Sickness, family pressures and a big dose of the mullygrubs haven't allowed for much riding. That was blindingly evident this past Tuesday at our club ride ( which a really is more like a race than a ride). Still had plenty of power on the flats ala CX, but the gravity demons really enjoy grabbing hold of the extra tonnage around the mid section, and pulling me backwards like a bug's intestines after bug hits windshield. Really can't believe how fast the mighty have fallen. Last November I was a svelte 166lbs, now the scale is edging up to 178! 14 L B's! When you get old it's harder and harder to keep the weight off, especially if you're only exercising your table muscle. It is getting warmer an I keep telling myself I'm going to fix up that "vintage" Motobecane for a commuter and start riding to work again, but the Moto just keeps hanging on the hook. Lack of motivation is the devil. I can hear it saying why bother, whats the use. Eat, drink and be merry.

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